Ramzan Kutty – Boy Who shown in Nisha Guragain Viral Video

Ramzan Kutty

Recently Nisha Guragain Private MMS Video viral on Internet and everybody searching who is boy shown in Nisha guragain viral video, when people seen that video closely that boy was Ramzan Kutty, who is on tiktok as well.

Nisha is very famous actress now after hit on tiktok But this time her name became famous on internet for a wrong reason. According to lot of people that video was a morphed MMS of the Tik-Tok star has gone viral on social media.

When Nisha came to know about the video, she immediately came live on her instagram and clarified that it is a morphed video. She is not in the video, she said.



Ramzan Kutty, you can find him on youtube, Instagram and Facebook too, he is person you can feel that he can do morphed video to become famous or for take any revenge.

But as of now Nisha Guragain is very angry and because of that she is very depressed and depressed. she is completely broken by this MMS but at the moment it is not yet confirmed whether this MMS is her or anyone else. Along with being a popular Tik-Tok star, Nisha Guragain is also very popular on Instagram too. also she has more than 27 millions followers on Tik-Tok, there are more than 2 millions followers on his Instagram account.

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