Mr. Faisu (Faisal Shaikh) TikTok Account Suspended Here Is Reason Why? [Detailed Report]

Hey readers, so if you guys use TikTok than you might have observed that today you haven’t any TikTok video of Mr. Faisu and you will be even able to find his TikTok account, you might be thinking what is happened with TikTok why you are unable to find any video of Mr. Faisu over TikTok so today in this article we will be clearing your all doubts and will provide you a details information on why you are not able to find Mr. Faisu account and his TikTok videos on TikTok.

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So if you are Mr. Faisu fan and follows him over TikTok than today you might have noticed that you haven’t got any video of Mr. Faisu on TikTok and not even his account too the reason behind it is that “Mr. Faisu TikTok account is suspended by TikTok” now if you are a Mr. Faisu fan than you might be shocked up by listening to this and a lot of question are jumping up in your minds like how and why Mr. Faisu a.k.a Faisal Shaikh account is suspended on TikTok so let me clear your doubts.

Some days before, Mr. Faisu, with his friend’s team called “Team 07” uploaded a video and that TikTok video was supposed to have been about Tabrez. That video, as reported by the press, annoyed many people, and the public began to troll them for hate spreading. [that video is embedded below as a reference]

Also, popular Tik Tok “influencer” Hasnain Khan had lately shared a video in which he and his four other “influencer” friends allegedly said, “You may have murdered that innocent Tabrez Ansari, but tomorrow, if his son takes vengeance, do not say that all Muslims are terrorists,”

According to the study, on 18 June in Jharkhand, a mob beat the 22-year-old Tabrez Ansari on charges of robbery. Ansari is said to have died four days later in police custody.

Hasnain’s video got extensive criticism on different social media platforms as it was viewed as an open endorsement of violence.

Also, a legal complaint was filed against Faisu and other Team 07 members including Hasnain Khan, Adnan Shaikh, Fais Baloch, and Sadhan Farouqi by the Shive Sena activist Ramesh Solanki who reported this matter to the Mumbai Police. Team 07 was criticized for spreading hatred and animosity by the public. The video got a lot of attention and thousands of remarks.

Making that video and uploading it over TikTok had created a lot of problems for Mr. Faisu and his friends.

And that is the reason and because of this, Mr. Faisu TikTok account is deleted because that video doesn’t follow the TikTok guidelines.

And as per the TikTok guidelines, there is Zero Tolerance For Such Content.

After the issue was identified, Tiktok’s video making app also issued a declaration stating, “TikTok has zero-tolerance for content that incites violence against other consumers or any material that violates its Community Guidelines. Accordingly, the video in question that breached our Community Guidelines is no longer accessible on TikTok.”

“Such irresponsible acts on our platform will not be tolerated, so we have suspended three user accounts and are cooperating with law enforcement agencies. – The three user accounts are of Hasnain Khan, Faisal Shaikh and Sadhan Faroqui,” TikTok says this statement.

By reading the paragraph given above, you might have understood that not only Mr. Faisu account is suspended from TikTok but also of Hasnain Khan and Sadhan Faroqui for breaking up the rules and community guidelines of TikTok.

The cyber cell of Mumbai Police also filed an FIR against the group to circulate the video in which they justified mob lynching the families of victims spreading terrorism to exact vengeance.

The FIR was recorded at Mumbai’s LT Marg Police Station in accordance with sections 153(A) and 34 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which relate to the spread of hatred among groups.

It is reported that the influencer group, named’ Team 07′ on TikTok, had a combined reach of more than four crores. The videos had resulted to the netizens of the country being outraged by the supposed call for vengeance to terror.

After the artists engaged in the video were discovered propagating vengeance over the murder of a Muslim person who died in police custody, reports OpIndia, Zee Music Company has removed the music video “Tere Bin Kive” in which Mr. Faisu was involved as just and influencer, that music video is removed from all its platforms.

The firm also explained that the Zee Music Company did not employ the performers engaged in the video shared on TikTok.

Also, Mr. Fasiu (Faisal Shaikh) had apologized for his recent video promoting violence:


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That’s all about what happened with Mr. Faisu and why his TikTok is banned plus what is happening with him and his friends this day.

Some of the pieces of information and facts about Mr. Faisu must read it if you don’t know about him.

With an audience of over 24 million, Shaikh Mudassir Faisal, better recognized on social media as Mr. Faisu, is the most popular Indian on TikTok. His fans adore him and love him, not only for his TikTok videos but also for his sense of fashion.

Mr. Faisu is also into an elite list of India’s top ten influencers. For his TikTok videos and character, he is adored and loved by his fans. Like most influencers, among adolescent Indian women, Faisu is also highly popular among them.

Mr. Faisu is multi-talented and also featured in the Tere Bin Kive music video. Since then, the song has been trendy. His Jodi with Jannat was adored by the fans who loved them a lot.

He’s highly charming and talented. He’s very active on his Instagram, and his fashionable clothes are frequently updated. His stylish character and attitude shine with 6 million fan followers on his Instagram profile.

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